This video file cannot be played

We have received many queries on our diễn đàn regarding the issue where users, while attempting to watch a clip on a web browser, face the following error:

Error loading media: file could not be played


The đoạn clip file could not be played (Error code: 224003)

The error code can be 102630 or 232011as well.

Bạn đang xem: This video file cannot be played

Here are some resolutions for all the common queries of users.

There can be different reasons for the “Video cannot be played error code 224003/102630/232011,” but all are related lớn the web browser settings.

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Before moving ahead to the resolutions for the error, let us know the important points using which you could have avoided the current error scenario.

Measures khổng lồ Prevent “Video cannot be played error code 224003/102630/232011

Follow these practices regularly to avoid “Video cannot be played error” in the future.

Keep checking your mạng internet connection for adequate bandwidthMake sure the source website you visit for watching windows is genuine and not downKeep your web browser updated khổng lồ the latest versionsKeep extensions & add-ons lớn a minimum on your website browserDo not overload the browser with cached files and dataTry downloading the đoạn phim from the website and play it offlineKeep video clip players and system drivers up to lớn datePerform a regular scan on your system for corrupt files và errorsInstall more than one website browser on your system


So, coming khổng lồ the current situation where the user is already suffering from the “Video cannot be played error code 224003/102630/232011”, we have some smart và useful manual solutions.

Try These Manual Fixes for “Video file cannot be played error”Check internet connectivity – to confirm if a bad network is not the issueCheck the đoạn phim source – to confirm if the source website is not down or under maintenanceDisable Hardware Acceleration on the web browser – to lớn resolve the issue with browser functionality khổng lồ redistribute processes with CPUClear browsing data và cached files – To deal with corrupt cached files and large storage filesDisable website browser extensions và add-ons – to lớn fix the videos blocking kích hoạt by certain external extensions & add-onsUpdate Adobe Flash Player – khổng lồ resolve issues with outdated Flash PlayerUpdate the website browser– to fix bugs và glitches in the outdated version

Now, let us understand the involved steps in the procedures of the above fixes for “Video cannot be played error code 224003/102630/232011.”

Note: Here, we have considered Google Chrome in our manual solutions. You can find similar settings in all other browsers.

How to disable hardware acceleration?Perform this procedure khổng lồ disable the hardware acceleration feature on Google Chrome.Open your Google Chrome website browser. Click on 3 dots on the top corner & click on the Settings option.


Next, move khổng lồ the Advanced section và then click on the System option.


Now, toggle off the switch against the option “Use hardware acceleration when available.


How to lớn clear browsing data & cached files?

Follow the given instructions lớn clear browsing data và cached files of your Google Chrome website browser.

Xem thêm: Phần Mềm Diệt Virus Bitdefender, Bitdefender

Go to the Google Chrome settings on your system.Click on the Privacy và security section on the left panel, & then move khổng lồ the right panel, select the arrow as shown against the Clear browsing data section.


Select the options from the Basic & Advanced tabs that you want lớn clear & click on the Clear data option.


How lớn disable extensions and add-ons?

Follow the instructs to lớn disable web browser extensions và add-ons.

Go to lớn the Google Chrome settings.Click on the Extensions option from the left panel.


Now, toggle-off the switch for the available Extensions or add-ons as displayed by an example below. Other than disabling, you can also remove the extension or add-on with the Remove option.


How to lớn update Adobe Flash Player for the web browser?

To update the Adobe Flash Player for the web browser, follow these steps:

Move to the Adobe Flash Player official website.Check out the latest version for your Chrome web browser và install/update it.Now, navigate lớn Chrome Settings>Content settings>Flash. Select the option Ask first before allowing sites to lớn run Flash và click on Done.


How to update the website browser?

To update your Chrome website browser lớn the latest available version, these are the steps:

Go khổng lồ the Settings of the Google Chrome website browser.Next, click on the About Chrome option from the left panel.


Check for the available update (if any) & click on it lớn update the browser to lớn the latest version.

Hope you get rid of the “Video cannot be played error code 224003/10263S0/232011” by implementing one or more of the suggested solutions above.

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